Scripture Verse on a balloon

This helps children remember there verse for the week. Put one word (or 2 if small words) on each balloon after it is blown up. Read it a couple times from the balloons and then have one volunteer pop a balloon. Try to say the verse with the word missing. Continue until all the balloons […]

Week 10 – Minor Prophets Puppet Skit – part 2

Bethany Bible #10-Minor Prophets, part 2 Nahum• Habakkuk• Zephaniah• Haggai• Zechariah• Malachi (sounds of crashing, bumping) ME: Miss Bethany? Is that you? BB: Oh me, yes it is. I don’t remember that wall being there last week. ME: (sigh) uh..ya..uh… are you ok Miss Bethany? Did you hurt your binding again?

Week 9 – Minor Prophets Puppet Skit – part 1

Bethany Bible #9 • Hosea,- ]oel • Amos• Obadiah• Jonah• Micah• Nahum• Habakkuk• Zephaniah• Haggai• Zechariah• Malachi BB: good morning good morning! My darling children! What a day today is. I hope you took your vitamins this morning, because we have a lot of very exciting books to look at today. Me: from the way […]

Week 8 – Major Prophets Puppet Skit

Bethany Bible #8 – Major Prophets. BB: Well hello again my darling little children!  and you know that is just a figure of speech.  Some of you are not so little.  But you are still darling! For two weeks we’ve gone over what we have already learned.  Today, I want to start on some really […]

Week 7 – Books of Poetry Puppet Skit

Bethany Bible #7 Poetry Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon BB- Good Morning you wonderful children! how have you been? Remember last time I was here I asked you to read a story out of the history section of the old testament? Does anyone have a story they can tell me this morning? (wait […]

Week 6 – Review Books of Law and History Puppet Skit

BB-6 review Law and History Esther 14b ” yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Put bandage across Bethany’s head. Read through the skit, find story book pictures, or actions figures or small toys or something representing the Bethany’s stories,a crown for queen Esther, a toy […]

How Many Clowns? Gospel Lesson

Over a century ago, Sam Loyd designed one of the most popular and magical puzzles ever created-more than ten million copies were produced! This genuine puzzle masterpiece is called “Get Off the Earth” and features a posse of sword-wielding Chinese warriors. I was inspired to re-imagine Sam’s puzzle with an added gospel flavor and had […]