What Is Rebus? – Scripture Picture Puzzles – Making Memory Verses Fun!

Rebus is the art of putting words into the form of pictures. (You may recall the old TV game show, Classic Concentration, which used a similar principle.) It’s an excellent way to make scripture memorization fun and exciting by changing the typical rote scripture memorization into a mind challenging kids’ game. The puzzles are not […]


This is great before an alter call – nothing fancy, or wordy…just simple. Need 5-7 men with the last man dressed to represent Jesus. Need 1 child. Stage-line men facing audience with Jesus last one on right child enters at left. Child shakes

One man/woman show

Is your ministry shy on volunteers? Are you afraid that the children are getting bored with the same teacher each week? You can create come-back characters who can bring excitement to the classroom just by going to second hand stores and purchasing dress up clothes and wigs. You need to develop a persona for each […]

Transitional Times

There are times that we need a quick transition OR maybe the adult service is going a little longer than the material you have planned. Here is a great idea that we use occasionally to fill time: Create a list of Bible Characters or Themes. Write the words individually on a small paper (postcard size […]