How to Take the Ho-Hum From Your Storytelling

1. Prepare Prayerfully a. Choose Your Story (1) Does the story have a strong point, idea or theme? (2) Do the characters appeal to the age group? (3) Is the vocabulary appropriate for your age level? (4) Is the length suited to the age? (Rule of thumb: attention span is about one minute more than […]

Adding Legs to Half Body Puppet

I am sure that there are a lot of other puppet directors like myself who are always looking for inexpensive ways to add to their puppet accesories. A good friend of mine who is a puppet designer and maker gave me this helpful hint. It is SOOO simple. Instead of buying costly legs, one only […]

How To Make A Collapsible PVC Puppet Stage

Here’s a design that is inexpensive, portable, quick and easy to set up, and give the same performance!Your supply list may vary some, depending on the size and style you build. For this illustration, we will build a simple stage with a 4 pvc frame sections that are connected with cable ties from the electrical […]

How to Have Inviting Meetings With Your Staff

1. Have a definite time and place for each meeting. Be sure to schedule at convenient times for those participating. 2. Give lots of advance notice. Send reminder e-mail’s the day prior. Encourage participants to pray ahead of time for God’s direction and wisdom in the meeting.

Just a Little Fun!

This effect should be done with adult volunteers getting the difficult questions and the children getting the easy questions. Plan ahead: For this effect you will need to prepare a list of 20 Bible questions, (10 easy and 10 very difficult.) On small slips of paper, write numbers 1 through 20. Place the 10 numbers […]

Are You A Hurting Children’s Pastor?

I first wrote this as a “Personal Word of Challenge” in CMT’s E-Newsletter. Are you hurting? Now, I’m not necessarily talking about physical pain, but that can indeed be a side effect of emotional, social, and even spiritual stress factors. As many of you know, this is something that hit me hard several years ago. […]

How To Have A Fun and Exciting Holiday Party

The key to an exciting evening is to insure that the children feel completely satisfied when they leave, instead of feeling like there wasn’t enough to do at the party!  Success doesn’t necessarily lie in overwhelming the kids with oodles of options, but in keeping things moving quickly from one activity to the next.  Below […]