What Happened at the Cross (Easter/Salvation)

For this close-up illustration you will need a little coloured water, a saucer, a short candle, a glass, a coin and matches. Presentation. Tell the children that you are going to explain to them what happened at the cross of Jesus. Explain the following: – that the coin represents you or me – place it […]

The Empty Tomb

As an Easter celebration our Wednesday evening program is planning an outing to our local miniature golf and entertainment center. Children will participate in activities such as Lazer Tag, Car Races, and miniature golf. After they have finished with the activities, we will journey up to the 15th hole of the miniature golf course. That […]

Springtime Forsythia Blooms

An Easy Creation/Spring/Easter craft project for all ages Supplies Needed: Sheet of Manila Paper Green Marker 1 inch squares of yellow gift tissue (can use pink or white, too) Glue Directions: On manila paper, make a large check mark with the green marker. Place dots of glue along the check mark. Loosely wad up tissue […]

The Bait, The Tools, The Anointing

Here’s an idea from Billy Burns to store away for next year’s Easter!!! What a weekend. In our three weekend services, we had hundreds of boys and girls who were given the opportunity of a lifetime … the privilege to have Jesus become the Lord of their lives. We had all of the ingredients ready […]