Seeking God’s Direction

SUPPLIES: auto repair book written by the manufacturer of the car, preferably a sporty model that would catch the children’s interest (Display the auto repair book to the class.) Pretend for a moment that you own this wonderful ______ (type car). If your car suddenly broke down and you wanted to repair it but didn’t […]

Do You Trust God?

Have each child put on a blindfold. Tell them to be certain that they cannot see; it is very important to understand today’s lesson. Lead one child at a time to a different area of the room. If there are too many children, have them holds hands and lead the first child in line by […]

Surprise Party Hat

Materials: Party Hats (one per child) Party Blowers~ the kind that unroll (one per child) scissors tape Cut the tip off a party hat. Insert the blower into the hole at the top of the hat. The plastic part of the blower that you put in your mouth should be sticking out of the top […]

Friendship Bracelets

Materials: toilet paper tubes markers/crayons scissors stickers Cut each tube in half, and then each half in half. You should now have 4 rings. Cut one side of each ring. The “bracelets” will slip onto wrists easily and stay on pretty well. Have the children decorate the bracelets with the markers, crayons, and stickers. Have […]

Little Gardeners, Too

More simple projects for teaching the creation story. Bible Reference: Genesis 1: 11-12 Supplies Bean Seeds (Make sure these are not the kind that have chemicals on them since the children will be handling the seeds.)

Little Gardeners

Here’s an easy, inexpensive¬†way for kids to grow live plants and see the results in just a few days. Bible Reference: Genesis 1:11