What Do You Desire To Accomplish In Ministry?

When you started ministering, what dreams and expectations did you have?  Can you concisely answer the question, “What did you desire to accomplish in ministry?”  Here’s the follow-up question for you.  “Have you done it?” There are many examples of being held back from doing something we really wish to do.  The classic example from

“May I ask you a question?”

I work with new kids all of the time. And by ‘new’ and I don’t mean ‘the opposite of old’. Obviously, by definition, all kids would be ‘new’ by virtue of being ‘young’. I guess I mean I work with different kids all the time. Ok, by ‘different’ I do not mean kids that have […]

Using Acronyms For Your Themes

Each and every year we adopt a new theme for the year. We use a catchy acronym to get the children excited about the year ahead. Here are some of the ones we have used so far: WWJD (Everyone knows this popular What Would Jesus Do ) GUM (God Using Me) Frog (Fully Rely On […]