Spectacular Summer Event Days that will knock your socks off!!

Picture yourself wearing a “Crazy Hat” while walking “Backwards” balancing a “Marshmallow” on the end of a straw trying to avoid it being “Splashed” off before you reach the finish line! Discover some of the most creative “BIG DAY” ideas to use in your Sunday School and Kids’ Church services this summer! (Marshmallow Day, Splish […]

Special Summer Events

Bible Memorization Olympics. Challenge the boys and girls to learn Bible verses. As they do so, they can earn bronze, silver, and gold medals. Select a list of appropriate verses for each age group. The children do not race with other boys and girls to learn verses fast, but work at their own speed. Schedule […]

Fishers of Men – CD Fish

Kids of all ages can make these cute cd fish. We hung them up on the wall, using a long piece of decorated tablecloth paper on which we wrote the bible passage: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”. Read the story of Jesus and his disciples.

Coffee Can Cubbies

Paint the outsides of large coffee cans with bright colors. Make designs on them, too! Next, decorate large index cards with bright colored markers or paint. Write each child’s name on a card. Once the cans are dry, you can attach the index cards to the open end of the cans, using spring-type clothespins. This […]

Button Blanket Wall Hanging

While doing a VBS in a native community we used this craft for the creation story. Supplies: 1 square of Black Felt per child Coloured Felt Buttons White Glue Rope or String Glitter Glue

Making Your Circumstances Work For You

As I was reading earlier this week, I came across a compelling daily challenge. Daily remind yourself that your external circumstances do not determine your peace, soundness of mind, joy, or happiness. All of those are your choice. These essential states of being flow from your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Sure, we often convince […]