Easy to do Halloween alternative

We belong to a SMALL church, and there are not many people ready to volunteer to run drawings, games and booths. What they are willing to do is sit in a chair at the trunk of their cars, handing out candy to children in the church parking lot. What you do is have the willing, […]

Alternative costume party

Kids LOVE to dress up, but many Christians don’t want to celebrate Halloween. So, how about an “I Love Jesus” costume party on Valentine’s Day? We did this with our midweek children’s group and we all had a great time. You have to come as someone or something that loves Jesus, which gives you LOTS […]

Halloween Alternative

Halloween is the only time when people willingly open their doors to people (children). At our church we take this opportunity to share the gospel and invite our neighbors to church. Our children dress up in bible, character or occupational costumes. We allow the children to go up to the doors of waiting neighbors. After […]