All About Trick Cartooning

Trick cartooning is an incredibly easy and fun method that captures kids’ attention, betters behavior, and helps them remember Biblical truths for a long, long time. We use trick cartooning in all of our crusade services and about twice a month in a regular children’s church setting. How effective is it at capturing kids’ attention? […]

Maximize Your Ministry Potential

Let’s say we are sitting together right now, sharing a cup of coffee, and I ask you “Are you achieving your maximum potential in ministry?”  You respond, “I’m not sure.”  So I ask, “What gifts has God placed within you?”, what is your response?  Would you say music, drama, intuitiveness, caring, wisdom, etc…? Earlier this […]

There Is Still Much More!

I listened intently as a friend shared from several scriptures.  One scripture in particular challenged me to the very core of my spirit.  I have read through it in at least ten translations.  I believe the best translation is from the New Century Version. Carefully consider God’s words to Joshua in Joshua 13:1.  God says, […]