Getting the Most from CMIV! – (A MUST READ!)

The Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault (CMIV) is here to help you cleverly discover and innovatively incorporate new and exciting ideas into your ministry! CMIV also is an incredible way promote and grow your ministry with untamed reverence!

So, as you post your ideas, lessons, and leadership insights, please feel free to include the following!

  • Your Incredibly Creative Ministry Website Address
  • Your One-of-a-Kind Email Address
  • Your Incomparable Resource for purchase as long as it directly relates to the free usable ministry idea you are posting

HOWEVER, as you vigorously and enthusiastically take advantage of all that the CMIV has to offer, please remember that it is not an advertising medium for your business, products, services, or personal causes. Commercial-only solicitations are inappropriate and will not be posted.

Thank you for wholeheartedly supporting the foundational purpose of the CMIV!

As you share your ideas, here are some points to keep in mind.

  • Please do not reference any websites or post copyrighted material (unless you hold the lesson copyright).
  • You can post as many of your ideas and articles in the most appropriate categories as often as you like.
  • With your best meticulous efforts, try to have your ideas and lessons as complete as possible so other leaders can take it and run with it in their ministry!
  • You agree to respect the copyrights of articles listed in the CMIV by using them only in your classroom and will not reproduce them in any shape or form, or distribute them, including posting them on any other website, bulletin board, newsgroup, email service, etc.
  • Please keep all comments positive and constructive. No “Flaming” is allowed!

Note: Some lessons contained in the CMIV are taken from resources available in the Marketplace area of our parent website. Permission has been granted from the authors as indicated and proper credit has been given.

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