Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Sunday School – Children’s Church Bible Lessons

Are you looking for creative Bible lessons to use in your Sunday School and Children’s Church services for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas?

Children’s Ministry Today has a great selection of lessons and games for your Christian Church holiday services at the website.

Each Thanksgiving and Christmas lesson is excitingly designed to powerfully instill strong children’s Bible lesson truths in a motivationally fun interactive way.

These Sunday School and Children’s Church lessons have wonderful games and attention-keeping ways of teaching spiritual truths to children. You can download these Thanksgiving and Christmas lessons and games.

>>Downloadable- Children’s Worship Services for THANKSGIVING<<


>>Christmas Lessons & Games to Download for Your Kids’ Church<<

Free No Prep Add-On Idea for the “Around the Thanksgiving Table” Service

If you are about to use your copy of the “Around the Thanksgiving Table” complete service this Wednesday in your kids’ clubs or this Sunday’s kids’ church, we wanted to share with you a couple of no-prep ideas which we spontaneously added to the service with great success!

This Thanksgiving service focuses on helping the kids remember 6 aspects of God’s character and their relationship with Him for which they can always be thankful. After each puzzle (more…)

Thanksgiving Children’s Worship Service

This is an absolutely GREAT Thanksgiving Lesson!

Here is what is included:
-Outline for Service

-1 Crowdbreaker PowerPoint Game (more…)

Around the Thanksgiving Table – Children’s Service & Games

“Around the Thanksgiving Table” is a wonderful children’s worship service that highlights the warm family experience of Thanksgiving as well as teaching children 6 parts of their relationship with God for which they can be extremely thankful. Because we often are focused on needs, it is so very important that we make the most of this opportunity to help our children remember that: (more…)

And Be Thankful

Colossians 3:15b “And be thankful.”
Object Needed: 2 eggs, marker, two clear bowls

NOTE FOR PREPARATION: At least a week ahead, draw a frown on an egg and let it set out to rotten. Draw a smile on an egg and keep it fresh.

Have you heard the expression ‘He’s a good egg”? It means that a person is an overall good person and tries to do what is right. Here are two eggs. Can you tell which is the ‘good egg’ and which is the ‘bad egg’? (more…)

Thanksgiving Jeopardy! 2 Complete Service Set Download

This Excitingly Interactive 2 Service Set presents two marvelous lessons which are perfect for any time of the year, but are exceptionally powerful when celebrating Thanksgiving!

Here is an exceptionally fun parody on the classic Jeopardy game that will powerfully present two lessons in an unforgettable way! (more…)

God’s Password – Thank You

Text- (Psalm 100:4) Enter with the password: “Thank you!” Make yourselves at home, talking praise. Thank him. Worship him. (The Message-Eugene H. Peterson)

Thought starters
Are you ready for Thanksgiving this week?

What will you have to eat on Thursday? Will you be full? Will you take time to pray before dinner? Do you know there is a special “password” for praying to God? In fact every time you and I pray after this time together on Sunday we use this “password.” (more…)