Good Ideas for Children’s Ministry

What have been some of your best ideas for children’s ministry? I recall back in 1985, while traveling doing evangelistic services, I had created the most unusual contraption for working four puppets at the same time. Alisa and I had a puppet stage and several puppets that we included in our nightly programs and I […]

Can People Trust You With Their Hearts?

As I reached out to minister to someone yesterday, they responded with a comment that deeply impacted my thoughts and challenged my spirit. I want to pass it along to you today and pray that you will be challenged as well. You and I are working together to achieve the extraordinary in the lives of […]

You Are Vital to Children’s Ministry

I pray for your success in ministry! This unique privilege to share with you in ministry and impact children’s lives all around the world powerfully motivates me from deep within. These Words of Challenge usually are written directly for you. Today’s is a little different. It is written for you to use as a devotional […]

Truth Travelers: Training God’s Missionaries Today

Have you ever wanted your kids to make a difference in the world they live in? Have you ever wanted your kids to experience what life is like in another country without ever leaving your church? That’s what the Truth Travelers in Muncie, Indiana are doing every week at our church. Every night this group […]