Making Your Circumstances Work For You

As I was reading earlier this week, I came across a compelling daily challenge. Daily remind yourself that your external circumstances do not determine your peace, soundness of mind, joy, or happiness. All of those are your choice. These essential states of being flow from your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Sure, we often convince […]

Redeeming A Generation – Moving Kids from Virtual Reality to Spiritual Reality

The crux of what I wish to focus upon today is birthed out of a passionate vision for recapturing our children’s hearts for our Lord Jesus Christ. You most surely can recall a moment your eyes were opened to a certain need. It may have been a need in a family in your church, a […]

From the Lips of a Children’s Pastor

I believe most of us will quickly recognize the quip “I Love My Lips!” from Silly Songs with Larry. In fact, you might have already started playing the tune in your head. Scripture shows us that the power of life and death flow across our lips. Our lips bring forth the expressions of our heart. […]

Looking Inside the Children’s Ministry Leader

All morning my mind has been pouring over a single thought. While praying, God impressed me to share this with you today. I pray for God’s power, love, direction, wisdom, and peace to permeate your heart today with these few words. Over and over, God keeps bringing my mind back to

Priorities in Kids’ Ministry

What do you have planned for ministry this weekend? What do you have planned for ministry this year? Of course, there are special events like Kids’ Crusades, VBS, Sports Camps, Kids’ Camps, Backyard Bible Clubs, and so much more! It can become a

The Greatest Thing Kids Ministry Leaders Can Do

I pray that these words today will stir up within you a strong desire to experience God’s plan, purpose, and provision in your life and ministry! It is my earnest prayer for you to prosper in all your hands find to do. I truly wish for you to succeed as you lead families into a […]