Gone Fishing: Object lesson

By: Derek Bammer Items Needed: fishing pole, tackle box, fishing hat and vest, Bible Part 1: Talk about Fun facts about fishing and show how to cast the fishing pole, and ect. Basically get the kids excited about fishing. Part 2: Speak about how Jesus wants us to be fishers of men and use humor […]

The Most Important Prayer of The Day

By: Derek Bammer Malachi 3:10 We have all heard that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Research shows that eating breakfast helps jumpstart your day mentally and physically, mind and body. Some research even shows that, by having a good breakfast, it actually helps to keep you from gaining weight. I find […]

An Object Lesson for Children’s Ministry Leaders

Have you ever considered what you could learn from a box turtle? The box turtle is an amazing creature with a remarkable self-preservation system. Imagine a little lad taking a stick and playing around with a box turtle as the small creature was crawling across the lawn toward a small wooded area. How would the […]

Follow God’s Plan for Your Life

Needed: 3-legged unassembled night stand, old shirt For a long time, I have needed a night stand to go next to my bed so I bought one of these all purpose, easy-to-assemble tables. Here’s the top and here are the 3 legs. (Show top.) It’s just the right size because I needed space for a […]