What Do You Desire To Accomplish In Ministry?

When you started ministering, what dreams and expectations did you have?  Can you concisely answer the question, “What did you desire to accomplish in ministry?”  Here’s the follow-up question for you.  “Have you done it?” There are many examples of being held back from doing something we really wish to do.  The classic example from

Children’s Ministry The World Has Yet To Experience

I pray that today’s challenge brings a powerful charge into your spirit.  You may have noticed that many of our challenges over the past months have focused in on our personal growth in the area of prayer.  If this world ever needed men, women, and children of God who know how to pray and daily […]

The 8 T’s of Children’s Ministry

Did you hear the story of the children’s pastor who wanted to illustrate the Acts 2 story of tongues of fire?  He placed a small propane canister in his inner suit coat pocket, from which he ran a small pipe that went to the back of his neck and up toward the top back of […]

What’s Your Greatest Ambition?

God has placed within you abilities, talents, giftings, and insights that are unique to you and your call.  How are you using them?  Maybe a better question would be, “How would you like to be using them?” What are your ambitions for life and ministry?  Never let anyone tell you that it is improper to